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Internet Services

For you to connect to the Internet, you need to decide how you plan on getting online. Depending on your location, your options may include cable "broadband" connection. This involves accessing the Internet through a high-speed connection via TV cable system provider such as Shaw or Rogers, or ADSL connection, such Bell Primus. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) provides high-speed digital technology over an existing telephone line. ADSL transmits data in the unused frequencies of your phone line. This lets you use the same phone line simultaneously for Internet access and phone calls (or faxes). Frequencies used in your phone line is divided into two primary bands. The ISP data is carried over the high-frequency band (25 kHz and above) whereas the voice is carried over the lower frequency band (4 kHz and below. To avoid interference, filters are installed for the user in each phone, to filter out the high frequencies from the phone, so that the phone only sends or receives the lower frequencies (the human voice). Whichever Internet connection you chose, a modem that needs configuration is required. We install and configure modems.

Internet connection

When connecting to the Internet via cable, you might need us to install

and configure a cable modem. A cable modem is a device that connects a computer system to the Internet via the cable television network. Cable Internet technology allows for transfer rates as high as 30Mbps depending on ISP's equipment (30 million bits per second). However,that bandwidth is commonly divided up among all subsc- ribers in a defined area, such as a neighborhood. We also install and configure routers wired or wireless. If your Internet or network is having "connectile" dysfunction, don't worry we will take care of it.

      Cisco Dual-Band Wireless-N                     Router

     Speed stream DSL modem

            Cable modem

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