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Preventive maintenance

With preventive maintenance, steps are proactively taken to avoid problems before they occur, thereby helping you avoid unwanted system breakdown situations. System Tune-up: Computer systems after a continued usage, undergo performance degradation, programs take longer to open. Missing DLLs messages start to pop up The worst is when your computer accuses you of performing "Illegal operations" you don’t want that. With system tune-up, your computer system is brought back to life. Benefits Of Preventive maintenance:

Computers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If they are not cleaned regularly, especially in dusty areas, dust and lint will build up inside the CPU case and power supply. Dust inside of a computer can have devastating effects. How does the dust build up start? Good question! static electricity that is developed by the machine, attract dust and lint. Once inside, the dust and lint will build upon all of the internal components. In most cases, such build-ups can result in arching of the electronic components. Consequently, causing hardware failures. In extreme cases, can cause a fire. Dust and other dirt can affect ventilation in your computer system. ExpertIT offers specialized computer cleaning services, keyboard and monitor cleaning.

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